2015 World Congress Bundle D – OnDemand Course

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This is a two-hour OnDemand course, originally recorded at ICISF’s 13th World Congress in May 2015.

This ICISF OnDemand Course includes three General Sessions from the 13th World Congress, presented by ICISF co-founders Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Dr. George Everly.

Topics cover:

  • Strategic planning for crisis response
  • Enhancing crisis leadership with resilience
  • The current state of the CISM field

Learning Objectives:

  • Cite at least one example of an incident that went wrong because planning was absent
  • List all five elements of the 5 –T strategic planning formula
  • Describe how the 5-T formula should be applied during a crisis response​
  • Define Crisis Leadership
  • Define Resilient Leadership
  • List Factors of Resilient Leadership
  • Discuss at least three historical landmarks in the development of CISM
  • Provide an overview of CISM’s current status
  • Describe three key elements of the future of CISM

Continuing Education: UMBC Training Center has awarded 0.2 Continuing Education Units for this course, based on a formula of 1 Continuing Education Unit for every 10 contact/classroom hours. Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the course.

All components of this OnDemand course, including completing the test and printing your Certificate of Completion, must be completed within 21 days of your registration.