Congratulations to 2018's ICISF Scholarship Award Recipients! 

Below is a list of the scholarship recipients for both the Academy of Crisis Intervention Scholarship Program and the Donald Gow Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

Academy of Crisis Intervention Scholarship Fund

2018 Online Course Scholarship Recipients

Keith Overby

Keith is from Michigan and is retired Law Enforcement (39 years) and a Volunteer Chaplain at Flint Michigan.  One of his goals with obtaining this training is to "show that we can adapt, be happy, and have that same peace and serenity that gives me my drive to learn while contributing back to those that have it worse than me."

One of his letters of recommendation states "[Keith] volunteers his time to Elite EMS as our Crisis Intervention Coordinator.  He has been very proactive in educating staff, providing in-services to both field and office personnel and leads critical incident stress debriefings for employees who have been involved in troubling crisis or tragic situations and experiences on the job."

Comment after taking the course:

“From my heart, I truly thank you for allowing me the opportunity to improve myself [by offering me this scholarship].   You and the CISM Program are true heroes.”

Alicia Crichlow Regis

Alicia is from Trinidad and Tobago and is a school social worker who often responds to critical incidents in schools throughout the area.  She is a volunteer with the Trinidad and Tobago Critical Incident Support Team.  She applied for an online course scholarship because "suicide is a huge but ignored part of our culture in Trinidad and Tobago...Thus any intervention is done on a reactive level."  She hopes that this scholarship will provide her with more exposure to training and provide her with more skills and techniques in crisis interventions.

In her letters of recommendation, they state "Given her passionate willingness to contribute to social health, there is absolutely no reservation in recommending her for this (scholarship)...she is an ambitious, self motivated, resilient individual."

"[Alicia] continues to seek out opportunities for increased professional development as she gives herself selflessly to the empowerment of individuals who have experienced varying levels of trauma in her country...Alicia has proven to be caring, committed, and naturally talented in working with vulnerable individuals."

Comment after taking the course:

“I have to say that the training which I underwent with ICISF did contribute to my success.  The information provided in the [online course] was quite accurate and I can assure you that I would continue training with ICISF as regularly as I can.  I loved the course [as it provided] me with insights about suicide and the several types of intervention which can be used in our country.”

2018 Regional Training Scholarship Recipients

Stephanie Pribble

Stephanie is from Texas and is currently a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Cleburne Fire Department.  She has been in the fire service for 10 years and her past positions include being a volunteer firefighter, EMT, and a Fire & EMS Dispatcher.  She has been a part of a Critical Incident Response Team in her area, which gets activated to respond to crisis involving volunteer/career firefighters, police officers, government officials, and family members.  She hopes that by participating in this training, the courses will benefit her to share her success story in overcoming her own personal traumatic stress and help her fellow peers become success stories by overcoming crisis.

In her letters of recommendation, they state that she "has distinguished herself with a passion for the job and a dedication to excellence."  "Stephanie's understanding of the importance of peer support comes from her professional experiences in fire support.  She uses her CISM training on a daily basis to promote health and wellness in the fire service." 

Linda Vaccaro

Linda is from Georgia and currently works as a Billy Graham Chaplain RRT and Red Cross Disaster Volunteer.  She constantly comes into contact with diverse groups of people at different stages of stress following disasters.  She hopes that this training will enable her to respond in a more effective and professional manner.

In her letters of recommendation, they state that the Billy Graham RRT "was deployed to the Naples, FL area after a hurricane last fall to assist the hurricane victims dealing with a tremendous loss.  Chaplain Vaccaro's willingness to listen to each victim's story and help them bear their burdens was humbling." "Linda wishes to continue to help those in need at various disaster sites."

Stay Tuned for more scholarship recipients throughout the year!


Donald Gow Memorial Scholarship Recipients

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