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Message from Rick Barton, Chief Executive Officer

Why does the 30th ICISF anniversary matter to you?

Thirty years means that our CISM programs not only passed the test of time, they have a proven record of success.  If you are looking for a program to help advance wellness, resilience, and strength, the ICISF is a champion.  More important than that, the ICISF continues to gain momentum around the world, and we are not resting on our record.

In 2020, we are embarking on a journey of Program Excellence, to improve the look, feel and content of our established programs and methods of operation.  Every course of training will receive a positive makeover.  New programs to enhance wellness will emerge.  New online courses, increased membership benefits, more presentations at professional conferences, more engagement with instructors, new methods of disseminating pertinent information and a much closer relationship with CISM teams are all underway.

This will take time, and as you noticed, the ICISF is here to stay.


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