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Crisis, Stress, and Human Resilience: 2nd Issue Now Available


Our individual and collective resilience is crucial to coping with the many challenges we face.  In many ways, our resilience can be enhanced, strengthened,  and  bolstered,  even  in  times  of  stress  and  crisis.  Many  of  the  papers  in  the second issue point  to  specific  occupations  and the  impact  of  stress  and  traumatic  stress  on  those  who  serve.  Programs and training to build and sustain resilience are crucial aspects of our efforts to assist.

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Message from Rick Barton, Chief Executive Officer

Our core mission remains essentially the same over the past three decades.  Our methods of delivering that mission over most of the past fifteen years has changed very little; using the same delivery methods and with only sporadic adjustments. The rationale proved strong: Why change what works well?

Meanwhile the world around us changed. Communication methods became faster, more global, with less paper, and more self-service systems that use modern technology.  People used social media to share knowledge and opinions.  Courses of study could be found “online”. Websites and search engines became essential tools.

At ICISF, our small number of employees reach around the globe thanks to faculty, instructors, members and partners who carry the mission wherever people face the trauma of critical incidents.

If you have visited with us in the past, you will notice that our website home page features a new design and layout, so please take a few minutes to explore.  The objective of the website change is to better welcome new visitors, offer better access to information, and support in the world of Critical Incident Stress Management.

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