PTSD911 Documentary Film: Shining a Light on PTSD & First Responders (Conrad Weaver)

Listen as we speak with our guest speaker, Conrad Weaver, on “PTSD911 Documentary Film: Shining a Light on PTSD & First Responders”.

Conrad Weaver is an Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Podcast Host, Speaker, Producer, and Director with a passion for telling stories that matter. Conrad has been telling stories through documentary films for more than ten years and his films and work have taken him from the slums of Guatemala and orphanages in Ukraine, to the halls of Congress on Capitol Hill, and everywhere in between. Whenever Conrad takes on a film project he dives deep into the culture to get to know the story and become an expert on the subject. His films have won many prestigious awards including a Regional EMMY Award. Whether it’s through his films or his podcast, Conrad’s goal is to inspire others to live a life of meaning and purpose.

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PTSD911 is a documentary film that explores the struggle of emergency first responders who battle the demons of post-traumatic stress but are often afraid of the very real threat of losing their job if they ask for help. PTSD911 will shed light on the hidden and often stigmatized mental health issues impacting many first responders across the world; the film shows that it is ok for first responders to ask for help, and we hope PTSD911 will inspire agencies to make systemic changes in how they train and support their members. Learn more at

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