Mid and Post Pandemic Mental Healthcare for Hospital Employees


(Video & Handout)


Power point presentation to include the St Luke’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic with specific attention to the mental health of our 22,000 network employees in our major University Healthcare network. How we identified needs, what we did to address needs, and what we continue to do to ensure the mental and physical health of our hospital employees. Attention to PTSD, Acute Trauma, Acute stress reactions. How we have supported our nextwork from the mental wellness aspect in order to mitigate long term critical incident stress disorders.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, participants will be able to
  • Verbalize 3 programatic elements they can add to their care of hospital, healthcare, first responder employee mental health.
  • Plan live, large support group sessions for hospital and first responder personnell.
  • Name evidenced based depression and trauma scales that can be used during and after pandemic or prolonged stress.