Holistic Wellness for the Emergency Servicers: A Science Based Approach to Strengthen Mind, Body and Spirit

Requesting This Course:

  • This course is being offered at the following upcoming Regional Training. Click on the city name for further information and registration:  San Diego, CA and Baltimore, MD.

Course Description:

Despite having the most expensive per capita health care system in the world, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, access to care, and equity. Furthermore, the healthcare system in the U.S. ranks 50th of 55 countries in terms of efficiency. Lastly, the US ranks 27th in infant mortality.

In looking for ways to improve the current situation, we see lifestyle as the single leading contributor to the 4 leading causes of death and that up to 40% of premature deaths are lifestyle related.

Moving beyond the mere absence of disease, we  search for something more…Wellness.  The World Health Organization describes wellness as not merely the absence of disease but rather a state that transcends the absence of disease and approaches optimum psychological, physical, spiritual, and social health. Holistic Wellness is the functional integration of psychological, physical, spiritual, and social well-being creating a state of optimum health.

In this two-day class, we will explore the pursuit of holistic wellness in an effort to reveal practical, science-based, recommendations for strengthening mind, body, and spirit.

Program Highlights:

  • The Problem: Our Lifestyle is Killing Us!
  • Know the Enemy: Self-assessment – Personal Lifestyle Risk and Wellness Profile
  • Re-wiring Your Brain for Wellness
  • Active Optimism, Mindfulness and Cognitive Flexibility
  • Using Interpersonal Support to Promote Wellness
  • Physical Wellness Strengthens Health; Nutrition Fuels Wellness
  • Rest/Sleep Restores Wellness; Spiritual Wellness
  • Making a Personal Wellness Plan’ Profiles in Resilient Wellness

Continuing Education Information:

Two-Day Course 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

General Contact Hours:

13 Contact Hours: 1.3 General CEUs from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Dept. of Emergency Health Services Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

*Based on a formula of 1 Continuing Education Unit for every 10 contact/classroom hours.

Profession Specific Contact Hours:

  • 13 PDHs for EAPs (Expiration Date – May 31, 2021)

*PLEASE NOTE: These hours are only applicable towards courses offered at Regional Trainings, Online Courses, and World Congress.