How to Register Your CISM Team for Fundraising Pages

CISM/Peer Support Teams

Visit our “How It Works” to learn about how online fundraising works and additional resources.

To create a fundraiser for CISM Teams, click on “Create A Team Fundraising Page” button below to create your account today.

Did you make sure to include the following information about your CISM/Peer Support Team?

  • Photo of CISM/Peer Support Team (Group Photo or Team in Action)
  • Your CISM/Peer Support Team Name
  • Primary contact for the team (full name and email)
  • Please provide reasoning for why your team needs funding (equipment, training, etc.) in detail
  • What is your fundraising goal amount?¬† Is there a specific amount per person you are hoping to raise?

*From now through December 31, 2019, 100% of the money raised on your teams fundraising page will be donated to your CISM/Peer Support Team so you can purchase equipment or get vital CISM training.

Any Questions?

Contact Kelly Hall, Development Coordinator, at (443) 325-5218 or [email protected].