Helping Save The Heroes Fundraising Campaigns

CISM/Peer Support Teams

Would you and your CISM Team like some additional funding for training or equipment for your department?

Create a CISM Team fundraising page to help raise monies for your team to obtain equipment or attend ICISF training.

Make sure to include:

  • Photo of CISM Team (Group Photo or Team in Action)
  • Your CISM Team Name
  • Primary contact for the team (full name and email)
  • Reason why your team needs funding (equipment, training, etc.)
  • Fundraising Goal Amount

*For 2019, 100% of the money raised on your teams fundraising page will be donated to your CISM Team so you can purchase equipment or get vital CISM training.  Learn more and begin fundraising today by creating your account below.

Begin Fundraising for Your CISM Team

Need Help Creating A CISM/Peer Support Team Page?

Don't know where to start?  Learn how to create a CISM/Peer Support Team fundraising page to raise money for equipment for your department or ICISF CISM Training by clicking the links to the right.  We also have provided examples of peer support teams that are currently trying to raise fund


Run/Walk/Bike for ICISF

Do you currently run, walk, or bike with friends, coworkers, or in groups?

Well now you can do what you love while supporting ICISF.  We have created thoughtful fundraising pages where individuals can create a fundraising page or have teams who like to run/walk/bike together.

Don't have a group yet?

No worries!  It's easy to start one with these fundraising pages!  Then you can invite others to join you.

You can upload images, videos, share on social media, and more to try and raise funds for first responders who deal with critical incident stress each and every day both in your community and worldwide.

Create A Team and Fundraise Today!

ICISF's Heroes

Create a fundraising page to assist first responders, military, nurses, airline pilots, and more get training in Critical Incident Stress Management, so they can help coworkers, peers, and individuals in their community.

- If a loved one was involved in CISM or ICISF, consider a memorial fundraising page in memory/honor of them

- Ask friends and loved ones to support ICISF for your birthday or other upcoming event to help support a hero in your community.

- Have a holiday coming up? Create a fundraising page to help celebrate the holidays and support a good cause.

Be A Hero to the Heroes in Your Community!



End of the Year Giving

Would you or your organization like to support ICISF before the end of the year?  100% of the donations are tax deductible.  Create a fundraising page to share with coworkers and friends.

Support ICISF In End of the Year Giving

Questions or Have Other Fundraising Ideas?

Send your questions or comments to Kelly at [email protected] or call 443-325-5218.