ICISF Fundraising Tips



Make sure to tell your donors that 100% of their donation to ICISF will go directly to assisting first responders locally, nationally, and internationally.

Rally Your Team

Create an email or Facebook group to share stories, words of encouragement, key fundraising learnings—and encourage your teammates to do the same.

Change Your Mindset

Critical incident stress can affect anyone that encounters a critical incident. While you are asking for donations, you’ll be surprised at who might thank you for this opportunity to make an impact in their community.

Give to Yourself

The best way to encourage others to show their support is to donate to your own efforts first.  Make a kick-off gift!

Make it Personal

Tell YOUR story about why you are Helping Save The Heroes. The more personal you make your asks, the more people will relate—everyone has either  experienced a critical incident themselves or know someone that has been affected.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

You don't get what you don't ask for, so make sure you are asking! Donations don't always come from where you expect them, so cast a wide net and make each ask personal!

Show Your Gratitude

Say thank you early and often to your donors. Update them on your progress and show them the impact they are having. Help encourage others by saying thank you publicly as well. Social media is great for that!

Get Social

You'll be surprised at the support you'll receive from a Facebook post, Tweet, or LinkedIn post. Use the social media and e-mail share buttons on your personal fundraising page to help promote your cause.

Think BIG

Ask for specific amounts from people you know can make larger gifts, and don't be afraid to follow up with a phone call or an in-person meeting.

Meet for Coffee

Meet face-to-face with some of your potential donors. Nothing is more personal or effective than sitting down and having a conversation.

Follow Up

Most people are willing to give, even just a small amount, but need the reminder. Just because they didn't initially respond doesn't mean that they don't want to support you. It's okay to follow up!

Special Events

Donate your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion to the ICISF—and ask people to give in amount of the year you are celebrating (or more!).

Table Setting

Is a holiday coming up? How about a special event?  Integrate a donation ask as part of your Thanksgiving table setting or other holiday!

Other Ideas?

Have other ideas on how to make your fundraising page successful?  Share your ideas with our Development Coordinator, Kelly Hall, at [email protected].


Additional resources are currently being developed.  Stay Tuned!