Junkerman, Marc

Marc “Junk” Junkerman is a retired law enforcement commander from Maryland, independent
consultant, and proud ICISF faculty member. He spent 33-years in uniform serving first as a
soldier then finishing his career protecting the citizens of Maryland. This included postings as a
CISM/Peer Support coordinator, trainer and advocate for over 15 years.
Marc has continued working within this arena and now focuses on improving organizational
wellness using CISM as the blueprint. He is a strong advocate for the implementation of
adaptable and practical public safety wellness approaches which place a heavy emphasis on
proactive, pre-event “inoculation”. Marc has channeled his efforts and his post-graduate work
into creating his own original packages for the ICISF which are designed to foster sustainable
resiliency cultures. This has resulted in the fielding of his 360 Degrees of CISM: A forward
focused approach to building a resiliency culture and his S.O.A.Ring with CISM: A
Strategic Planning Primer courses in addition to multiple “Leaning with Leaders” offerings.
Marc is married to a retired law enforcement officer, has a son in active police service, two
daughters in the nursing field, and a brother-in-law serving as a Corrections professional. It is
this skin in the game which continues to fuel his passion to support those who selflessly serve
our communities.