ICISF Maryland Charity Campaign

October 5-December 14, 2020


How Can You Improve The Lives Of Those Who Keep Us Safe?

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation delivers quality Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training through a variety of educational opportunities through our Remote Learning Programs (Live Trainings, Online Courses and Group Training). 

CISM Training is designed to help individuals deal with the effects of a traumatic event or critical incident.  Each individual learns about stress reactions, symptoms, and acquire additional skills and resources that can help them with the healing process and within their specific workplace setting or profession. 

  • ICISF offers local training opportunities to engage, learn, and share in an environment where solutions are evolving to deal with the ongoing challenges facing crisis intervention.
  • Over the last 30 years, ICISF has trained more than 1 million individuals and provided them with the tools and techniques needed to help them and their peers before, during, and after a critical incident occurs in their community.

How Will My Support Make A Difference?

The Maryland Charity Campaign is a way for Maryland State Employees and Retirees to participate in a local effort to meet local, national and international mental health, wellness and human care needs.

Your support to the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation from October 5-December 14, 2020 will make a difference to local first responders, military and others get vital critical incident stress management education and training so they are prepared for the next critical incident.


$2.00 per pay period (x26 paychecks = $52)

Provides local training to 1 crisis responder in critical incident stress management to assist themselves and their peers.


$12.00 per pay period (x26 paychecks = $312)

Provides 1 crisis responder an opportunity to participate in an online course, gaining knowledge in critical incident stress management.


$22.00 per pay period (x26 paychecks = $520)

Provides 1 crisis responder with up to 3 days of CISM training through our Remote Learning: Live Training Programs.

Visit the Maryland Charity Campaign website and choose to support

ICISF (MCC# 52-1676953)

this year!

How To Participate

When the MCC Campaign opens on October 5, 2020, here is how you support ICISF:

  1. Click on the "Participate in MCC Campaign" button.
  2. Click on the "Give Now" button on the Maryland Charity Campaign page.
  3. Support our campaign!  ICISF's MCC code is #52-1676953!
  4. Share the graphics below in your email signature or on social media.
    • Use the hashtags #ICISF & #MDInThisTogether when sharing on social media.

MCC & ICISF Graphics

Help spread the word of ICISF's Maryland Charity Campaign by downloading these email and social media graphics.

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