Mindful Decontamination: Self-Regulating Techniques for First Responders

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Course Description:

Mindful decontamination focuses on the experiential and psycho sensory techniques necessary to create a practical preventative wellness toolkit. Learning methods to regulate the amygdala responsible for the heightened fight or flight reaction continuously associated with the emergency services profession is essential. Stress and trauma are physiologically instilled via the right side of the brain through the senses, making it essential to learn right-brain soothing techniques that slow our brain waves.  Mindful Decon focuses on applicable progressive techniques introducing the expressive arts, bilateral movement, grounding exercises, diaphragmatic breathing, Traumatic Tapping Technique (T.T.T.), P.E.A.T., and Havening. Participants will leave with a set of wellness tools that can be applied personally, with family members, children, and patients. Mindful Decon was created by first responders for first responders through the Ashes2A.R.T. program and has been validated by the Commonwealth of Virginia for resiliency strengthening with emergency services personnel.

Course Highlights:

  • Physiological effects of stress and trauma on a first responder
  • Difference between mindful decontamination and civilian self-care
  • Expressive arts tools for ice-breaking, confidence building, containment, and grounding
  • Psycho sensory grounding tools to manage acute and chronic stress
  • Amygdala regulating techniques for preventative wellness
  • Amygdala regulating techniques for critical incidents

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