Pastoral Crisis Intervention II

This course builds on the foundations of ICISF’s “Pastoral Crisis Intervention” class. More specific advanced concepts and specific field applications where pastoral crisis intervention is applied will be covered.

Program Highlights:

  • Crisis intervention, CISM and PCI
  • Risks and potential adverse reactions
  • Advance topics in assessment.
  • Principals of basic spiritual first aid
  • PCI with those expressing theodolitic concerns
  • The incident management system (IMS)
  • PCI with those expressing suicidal ideation
  • PCI with those in acute bereavement
  • Principles of death notification
  • Principles and practices associated with self-care

Successful completion of the Approved Instructor Candidate Program will allow you to teach this curriculum to others. Continuing education will be required to maintain your instructor status.

Prerequisites for Participation in Approved Instructor Candidate Program:

  • Completion of the following ICISF courses as taught by ICISF or by an approved ICISF instructor. (Copies of certificates of completion are required to accompany the application.)
    • Group Crisis Intervention
    • Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support
    • Pastoral Crisis Intervention
    • Preferred: Completion of above plus Advanced Group Crisis Intervention.
  • ICISF Approved Instructor in good standing for Pastoral Crisis Intervention.
  • Documentation of Ordination or Licensure by your denomination.
  • A letter of recommendation from a local, state or regional CISM team or agency / institution dated within three months of application due date.*
  • A letter of endorsement from a local, state or regional CISM coordinator or clinical director dated within three months of application due date.*

* At least one of the letters of recommendation must attest to the instructor candidate’s teaching ability. If neither of the aforementioned letters can do so, a third letter must be submitted.

  • Active membership on a crisis intervention team.
  • Current ICISF membership.
  • A copy of a current CV or resume.
  • Official course application form.
  • A brief statement outlining:
    1. Your crisis intervention/CISM experience.
    2. Your instructional experience.
    3. Reasons for applying for ICISF Approved Instructor Training.
  • Please note the Pastoral Crisis Intervention II course is NOT a prerequisite for this Approved Instructor Candidate Program.