Resilient Leadership for Emergency Services & Healthcare

Requesting This Online Course:

Course Description

In times of crisis and adversity leadership is essential.  The course RESILIENT LEADERSHIP For Emergency Services and Healthcare is a unique science based program which prepares leaders to create an organizational culture of resilience. 

Frontline leaders/ managers will find Resilient Leadership especially useful. Topics include resilience oriented communications, the four characteristics that separate effective crisis leaders from others, and common mistakes leaders make.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Define and recognize resilience.
  • Define and recognize a resilient organizational culture.
  • Define the two covenants of Resilient Leadership.
  • Define the four core pillars of Resilient Leadership.
  • Practice Resilient Leadership by implementing 20 specific Resilient Leadership prescriptions (RX) to create a “culture of resilience.”
  • Avoid the “7 deadly sins” of leadership.