Scerra, Sandra

Sandy Scerra, B.Ed. has worked in the field of stress management for several years. She served for seven years as Director of Education at the On-Site Academy in Gardner MA, is a retired EMT and Special Police Officer. She holds her degree in Education from Castleton State College in Vermont. Sandy is a faculty member with the ICISF for the “Group Crisis Intervention”, “Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support”, “Advanced Group Crisis Intervention”, “Responding to School Crisis: A Integrated Multi-Component Crisis Intervention Approach”, “Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement”, and “From Trauma to Addiction” courses. Sandy coordinated the CISM response to the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire in 1999 by organizing incoming teams for 24/7 coverage on-site. She also co-coordinated the organization and running of a command post to provide CISM teams from around the Nation to serve NYPD/POPPA following the events of September 11, 2001. Sandy is the Co-founder and Director of Education for SMART (Stress Management and Recovery Techniques), an organization that specializes in CISM, PTSD, Private Counseling, EMDR, TFT, ISFT, Stress Management Education, CISM Team Support, and Business Consultation Services. Sandy presently serves as a member of the Montachusett CISM team.