Scerra, Sandra

Sandy Scerra, B.Ed. has worked in the field of stress management for more than twenty years. She is a retired EMT and Special Police Officer. Sandy is a faculty member with the ICISF, holding instructor certification for many Foundation courses. She has traveled extensively with the ICISF teaching From Trauma to Addiction, a course which she developed. She is often sought to speak for organizations and facilities seeking knowledge or innovative techniques for dealing with trauma and the often-resulting issues of self-medication/addiction.Sandy served as the Coordinator of the MA Peer Support Network for several years. In that time, she responded to several disaster / mass casualty incidents around the United States, managing Incident Command centers, and organizing responders to assist those in need.

Sandy now dedicates much of her time working in First Nations communities throughout the United States and Canada. She is the Director of Education / Consultation for the Wampum CISM Peer Support Network, with over 400 members to date.

Sandy is the lead instructor for Famolare Consultants, training police officers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in many modalities of CISM. These men and women have formed several registered teams who are ready to assist fellow police officers throughout the Commonwealth, and elsewhere if called upon.