About the Certificate of Specialized Training

Review the information below regarding completion of any of the Certificates of Specialized
1) All courses used toward completion of a Certificate of Specialized Training must be
officially recognized by ICISF (e .g. Certificate of attendance must be an official lCISF
certificate; additionally, if taught by an approved instructor, the certificate of
attendance must have an ICISF course number printed on the face of the certificate). If
you are unsure whether a course you plan to attend is recognized by ICISF feel free to
contact ICISF.

2). In compliance with the criteria set forth by the University of Maryland Training Centers
(UMBC-TC) only those certificates which reflect the full contact hours (e.g. full attendance)
for the designated course will count as a completed course for the Certificate of
Specialized Training Program.

3). Any individual may apply for more than one Certificate of Specialized Training Provided
the requirements have been met for each Certificate

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