ICISF Certificates of Attendance at ICISF Regional Trainings

All ICISF attendance certificates are distributed on-site at the completion of each course to participants whose attendance has been verified by checking in at the Training Registration Desk before 10:00 am daily. ICISF Certificates of Attendance will be distributed on the final day of each course. Participants who do not pick up their certificate must contact the ICISF office to receive it and will be charged a $5 fee to mail each certificate. For participants whose attendance cannot be fully verified, attendance certificates will be reprinted at the ICISF office to reflect the actual number of hours for which attendance can be verified; these certificates will be mailed.

In cooperation with UMBC, all ICISF Regional Training participants will be awarded general Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from UMBC Training Centers on their attendance certificate following verification of attendance. This service is offered at no additional charge to participants. These CEUs are awarded in a ratio of one Continuing Education Unit for every 10 Contact Hours (refer to course descriptions for Contact Hours & UMBC CEUs). It is the responsibility of the participant to determine if his or her licensing board will accept these CEUs. Please note that attendance certificates including CEUs will only be awarded for days that attendance can be verified.

ICISF strongly recommends that participants in all ICISF courses, whether at an ICISF Regional Training or course taught by an Approved Instructor, retain all Certificates of Attendance for those courses in a safe place. ICISF is not currently able to provide an individual with a transcript of courses attended. Certificates of Attendance are your best proof of attendance at ICISF courses.

NOTE: ICISF certificates of attendance are not proof of profession specific CE/Contact Hours.

To request a replacement certificate of attendance, please complete the Certificate Replacement Form and return to us for expedited processing.

CEU Information for Approved Instructor Courses

Participants at courses taught outside of the confines of an ICISF Regional Training, such as those taught by an ICISF approved instructor, will receive an ICISF Certificate of Attendance that offers general (not profession-specific) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from UMBC. It is up to the individual instructor, or the sponsor of the training, to arrange for profession-specific Continuing Education Units/Credits for these types of trainings. ICISF is not able to extend the approvals it has received for the awarding of profession-specific CE to trainings that are outside of its control.

General Information about Continuing Education at ICISF Regional Trainings

ICISF offers Profession-specific Continuing Education Units/Credits as well as general (not specific to a profession) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for most courses taught at ICISF Regional Trainings. Participants at ICISF Regional Trainings represent a multitude of professions, some of which don't need Continuing Education to maintain a license. For this reason, it is ICISF's policy to not incorporate application fees for Continuing Education Documentation into the Training registration fee. In this way, only those individuals who require CE documentation are charged applicable fees.

For those professions requiring fees to obtain CE documentation, this fee ranges from $15 to $25.

Profession-Specific Continuing Education Available at ICISF Regional Trainings

If a specific type of continuing education is not listed below, it is not available. ICISF adds additional profession-specific CEU as staff resources permit only. Continuing Education available for an ICISF Regional Training will be listed in the brochure for that Training.

Please Note: If you have attended or will be attending a course that was taught by an ICISF Approved Instructor, please check with the instructor or the sponsor of the training to determine what, if any, profession-specific CEs are available for that course.

The information provided below does not apply to those courses.

Continuing Education for Employee Assistance Professionals at ICISF Regional Trainings

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are available for Employee Assistance Professionals for most courses offered at ICISF Regional Trainings. The number of approved PDHs depends on the course selected, and is equal to the number of contact (instructional) hours for that course. Upon arrival at the Training, please request a Training Attendance Record form and instructions at the Training registration desk; EACC Approval Numbers, content areas and approved number of PDHs for each course will be included in this material. According to the EACC/Certification Department, the CEAP/candidate retains the Training Attendance Record (white copy) for later use in his/her re-certification/application process. For more information about this process, visit their web site at www.eap-association.com.

Continuing Education for National Certified Addictions Counselors by NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, at ICISF Regional Trainings

Most courses offered at ICISF Regional Trainings meet the qualifications for 7, 13 or 14 hours (depending on the course attended) of continuing education credit from the National Certified Addictions Counselors by NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider Approval No. 87914. Please request CE Hour instructions at the Training registration desk.

Certifications & Certificate Programs

All courses offered by ICISF meet partial requirements for individuals seeking certification from the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS) as a Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS), Certified Trauma Responder (CTR), and/or Certified Trauma Services Specialist (CTSS) designation. ATSS offers board certification to qualified individuals who provide services, intervention, and treatment in the field of traumatic stress. Those seeking certification from ATSS must present evidence of attendance for specific courses. For information regarding certification or ATSS membership, visit the ATSS web site at www.ATSS.info.

The Traumatology Institute

The Trauma Institute recognizes the following ICISF courses towards its Field and Certified Traumatologist designations:

Group Crisis Intervention

Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

Psychotraumatology for Clinicians

CISM Application with Children

Applicants also need to document 100 hours of direct practice and 20 hours of supervision under a Certified Traumatologist or equivalent. Applications or more information may be obtained by visiting the website.