ICISF Corporate Sponsorship

First responders are under increasing pressure due to critical incident events in our country and worldwide.  On a daily basis they deal with crisis, disaster, and critical incident stress from either a singular horrific incident or the cumulative effect over days, weeks, months, and years of emergency services to our citizens.  This can have a devastating effect on the health and wellbeing of these valuable members of our society that help keep us safe and secure in the communities we live, work, and play in.

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. (ICISF) is “Helping Save the Heroes” by providing pre-incident education to address the mental health concerns of those who respond to disaster and crises. ICISF aims to promote and maintain standards in the specific field of crisis intervention. We are in the forefront of delivering quality Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training through a variety of educational opportunities geared specifically towards the individuals and communities we serve.

You can help these first responders.  By sponsoring one of our Education & Training programs, you are helping first responders (Firefighters, Paramedics/EMT’s, Police Officers, and Dispatchers) obtain vital training in dealing with critical incident stress and provide them with the ability to help others in the communities they serve.  Help us help first responders in your neighboring communities and worldwide!

Why Become A Sponsor?

When you support the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), you are helping to provide critical peer to peer mental health resources to members of our community, our first responders, members of our military and other individuals in crisis. With your help as a sponsor, we can ensure that every dollar raised will help expand our education and training programs at ICISF.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to expose your business to the community in a positive way!

  • Partner with a well-respected charity and that is helping thousands of people in our communities locally and and around the world.
    • In 2017 alone, over 26,000 individuals received ICISF training in over 45 courses offered at Regional Trainings, Speaker’s Bureaus, Approved Instructor Candidate Programs, Approved Instructor Courses, and the 14th World Conference.

  • Get noticed by hundreds of potential customers, businesses, and community leaders.

  • Portray a positive image for your organization and social responsibility.

  • Involve your employees in a worthy cause.
  • Provide help to the members of our public safety community, military and a myriad of other occupations including members of the general public in crisis, after a critical incident or natural disaster.

Select an option that works best for your organization, or work with our staff to design a tailored package that meets your specific marketing objectives and matches your budget.

ICISF Corporate Sponsor Infographic

Corporate Sponsor Opportunities:


Online Courses

Your organization can sponsor/support:

  • The creation of a new online course
  • Individuals on a CISM/Peer Support Team to participate in an online course

Additional Sponsor Information Coming Soon!

Regional Trainings

Your organization can sponsor/support:

  • Regional Training
  • A faculty member at a Regional Training
  • Individual(s) to attend a Regional Training
  • Beverage Breaks (Morning/Afternoon)

Additional Sponsor Information Coming Soon!


15th World Congress: Crisis, Stress, & Human Resilience

Your organization can sponsor/support ICISF at the premier forum for crisis intervention in 2019!

Benefits Include:

  • General Sponsorship Opportunities (Explore, Embrace, Expand)
  • Welcome Reception
  • Conference Bags
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lanyards

Our upcoming 15th World Congress is May 19-24, 2019.

Are you interested in Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities for the upcoming World Congress?

Become A Sponsor

Speakers Bureau

Your organization can sponsor/support:

  • All or part of the hotel costs
  • Training facility where the event is being held
  • A faculty member presenting one of our courses
  • A specific presentation or courses (1-5 days)
  • Individual(s) (i.e. first responders, hospital staff, etc.) to attend an in-person course
  • A Break (Morning/Afternoon)


To learn additional information about our sponsorship program,  contact:

Kelly Hall, Development Coordinator

P: 410-750-9600, ext. 107 

E: [email protected].