Terms & Conditions

By completing this form you agree that all team members have completed training of the Core Courses (Group Crisis Intervention & Assisting Individuals in Crisis) and that your team is following the guidelines set in place below.

  • CISM teams attests that this team follows the ICISF CISM Model for Interventions and Team Management Structure when responding to a critical incident. See handout information (Resources
  • CISM Teams are required to have at least 1 person that is a MHP (Mental Health Professional) who will serve as the clinical director. [i.e., practicing counselor (LPC), Social Worker (SW), Psychologist (Ph.D.), Psychiatrist or Marriage Family Therapist (MFT)]. A Chaplain can be used as a clinical director if they have some type of counseling style background.
  • Teams will not deploy any person who has not been trained in the ICISF model of CISM. 
  • Teams shall maintain records of the trainings attended by their team members.
  • Teams shall be proficient in numbers 1-5 of the “6 core elements of CISM:” 
  1. Assessment and Triage of people in crisis 
  2. Listening skills, the SAFER-R model, and Individual Crisis Intervention
  3. Informational group processes 
  4. Interactive group processes 
  5. Strategic Planning, Incident assessment, Operations management, Target, Types, Timing, Theme, and Team
  6. Personal and Community resilience. (Resiliency includes the concepts of resistance, resilience, and recovery)
  • Teams shall provide and/or coordinate quality CISM services to emergency responders and/or community members.
  • Team members shall maintain a respectful lifestyle that is free from illegal activity, including problematic alcohol use, illegal drug use, abuse of prescription medications, unethical or inappropriate sexual behavior and harassment of any kind. 

By clicking submit you also agree to have your team name, city and state listed on the ICISF website list and map.