Membership Terms and Conditions

Applying for membership to ICISF attests that the facts contained herein are accurate and that I adhere to the professional standards/ethics of my profession.

Membership in ICISF is in no way an endorsement of competency in CISM, nor an endorsement to practice.  There are no refunds of dues if cancellation of membership is requested before the expiration date.  Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

Online Course Terms and Conditions

There are no refunds of the registration fee.  There is a $50.00 transfer fee if you are unable to complete the online course you are registered for and request to be transfered to another online course.

Before Registering it is important to know your computer; see online technical information below:

To effectively complete this course, you will need the ability to download and save files, and to view Internet sites containing audio and video materials.

  • Hardware: You will need a PC or a Mac with speakers or headphones for listening to audio presentations. The course is also compatible with most mobile/tablet devices (i.e., iPad).
  • Browsers: For the optimal user experience, access the course using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later, Firefox 21 or later, and most versions of Google Chrome. If you use earlier versions of the browsers, please be aware that some of the course features may not function properly.  Click this link to check your browser version.
  • Connection Speed: The faster your Internet connection, the faster you can navigate the course.
  • Software and Plug-ins: This course uses JavaScript for interactive elements, videos and audio presentations. If you do not disable JavaScript, everything in the course will work for you. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and view Acrobat (pdf) files. Please note that we also provide an alternate version of some documents in a Microsoft Word (doc) format, but you do not need a word processing tool since you can use Adobe to view electronically or print.