ICISF App Information

We are excited to be able to offer this new app to all individuals!  It’s really easy to get started.

In order to view the app, open a web browser on your mobile device and enter “app.icisf.org“. 

You will then be prompted to save the app to your mobile device for future reference. 

It is highly recommended that each individual create an account on the app so they continually have access to purchased items (if you switch phones, etc).

You can then create an account and purchase items such as the “CISM Quick Reference Cards” on the Homepage of the app or under “Shop”.  We also offer free resources regarding COVID-19 through the app under the “Shop” section.  This app is constantly being updated, so check back for more information.


Please contact Kelly Hall with any questions about the app.

P: (443) 325-5218

E: [email protected]