Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ICISF is currently working remotely.   Thank you for your patience during this time.

Please reach out to ICISF staff members based on the department listed on the right side of this page.  If you know which staff member you are trying to reach, you can contact them using their direct phone number or email.

Staff Phone Numbers

Please look to the right to see which staff member you should contact based on the department (under "Department Contact Information").  All staff names are organized by last name.  Thank you.

Thordis Boron – (443) 325-5224

Lisa Bowe – (443) 420-3139

Trish Brandau – (443) 325-5214

Kelly Hall – (443) 325-5218

Beth Kohr – (443) 325-5216

Kate Looram – (443) 325-5217

Elizabeth Morehouse – (443) 325-5213

Millie Morehouse – (443) 325-5221

Michelle Parks – (443) 325-5219

Terri Pazornick – (443) 325-5220

Patricia Schelhouse – (410) 988-8730

Wendy Wade – (443) 420-3141

Michelle Warshauer – (410) 988-8720

Direct Mail

Please mail to physical address below:

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc.
3290 Pine Orchard Lane, Suite 106
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Phone & Email

Phone: (410) 750-9600

For all general inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Email: Richard Barton

Direct: (443) 325-5212

Executive Director of Education and Training

Email: Victor Welzant, PsyD

Chief Financial Officer

Email: Lisa Joubert

Direct: (443) 325-5215

Department Contact Information

Approved Instructor Support Department  – Kate Looram or Patricia Schelhouse

Approved Instructor Candidate Programs – Kate Looram

Approved Instructor Course Registrations – Patricia Schelhouse

Approved Instructor Invoicing – Kate Looram

Business Development & Strategic Partner Interest – Michele Parks

Bookstores (CISMbooks and ICISF Course Materials) – Thordis Boron

Certificate of Specialized Training Program – Lisa Bowe

Certificate Replacement Requests – Patricia Schelhouse

Certifications – Lisa Bowe

CISM Teams and Membership – Michele Parks

CISM Team Referrals – Michele Parks

Company Store – Trish Brandau

Conferences – Beth Kohr

Continuing Education Program – Lisa Bowe

Finance – Lisa Joubert

General Inquiries – Trish Brandau

Global Learning – Beth Kohr

LifeNet – Michele Parks

Mailing/Email Lists – Kelly Hall

Marketing – Kelly Hall

Media Inquiries – Richard Barton

Online Courses – Beth Kohr

Scholarship Programs – Wendy Wade

Speakers Bureau – Millie Morehouse

Student Manual Replacement Requests – Kate Looram

Student Roster and Evaluation Questions - Patricia Schelhouse

Virtual Training – Beth Kohr

World Congress Planning – Terri Pazornick

World Congress Registration – Beth Kohr