ICISF allows qualified individuals to host and teach our courses as through our Approved Instructor program.

An Approved Instructor is a person who has successfully completed an ICISF Approved Instructor Candidate Program. They are able to teach ICISF courses to others.
To become an Approved Instructor you must complete an Approved Instructor Candidate Program. A list of upcoming Approved Instructor Candidate Programs, their descriptions and prerequisites can be found here.
Instructor Programs are held several times per year all over the world. A list of upcoming Approved Instructor Candidate Programs can be found here. We do our very best to offer the programs in as many regions as we can. Traditionally they are held in conjunction with an ICISF Regional Training.
Each Instructor Program has different prerequisites. A detailed list of ICISF Approved Instructor Program subjects, descriptions and prerequisites can be found here.
Due to the volume of applications ICISF receives we are only able to accept applications for Instructor Programs that have been announced.
If an Instructor Program has been announced, please email [email protected] to receive an application packet with important information.
Meeting all prerequisites for an Approved Instructor Candidate Program is not a guarantee of acceptance. There are many factors which must be taken into consideration in choosing candidates for an Approved Instructor Program. ICISF serves the worldwide community and must provide instructors in areas with limited or no CISM resources. When candidates are chosen, ICISF considers need by country/state geographical area, experience, prior training, professional background, current number of instructors in the region, ICISF membership, proof of required supporting documentation/completed application and class size availability.
Priority acceptance is given to those who meet all prerequisites and apply on or before the application deadline.
Please contact [email protected] for more information. Note that priority acceptance is given to those who apply on or before the application deadline.
Nearly all of our Approved Instructor Candidate Programs are taught by the ICISF faculty member who authored the curriculum.
Current early tuition for Approved Instructor Candidate Programs is $750.00 USD. This is in addition to the $50.00 USD nonrefundable application fee.  Some Approved Instructor Programs are subject to international taxes and fees and may be higher. Detailed pricing information can be found within an application packet.
Depending on the subject, Approved Instructor Candidate Programs range from two to four days in length.
All of our Approved Instructor Candidate Programs are held in English. We are actively working on offering course materials in other languages so Approved Instructors may hold their courses in languages other than English.
As soon as you complete an Approved Instructor Candidate Program you may begin teaching that subject as soon as you feel comfortable. You must complete a separate Approved Instructor Candidate Program for each subject you wish to teach.
ICISF does not hire Approved Instructors to teach courses. Rather, you are responsible for marketing and arranging courses.
There is a $93.00 USD instructor renewal fee that is due three years after you complete your first Approved Instructor Candidate Program. This fee is due every three years. This fee covers all courses you are approved to teach. Additionally you must maintain your ICISF membership. Membership costs can be found here.
There are periodic continuing education requirements. Advance notice will be given to all instructors with details. These are typically at no cost.
At this time there is no requirement to teach a certain number of courses to maintain your Approved Instructor status. Should this change, advance notice will be given to all instructors.
There are several incentives for becoming an Approved Instructor. Many instructors teach courses as their primary or secondary source of income. ICISF offers several benefits including discounted rates to ICISF Regional Trainings, the World Congress, free course materials, etc. A detailed list of benefits will be reviewed during each Approved Instructor Candidate Program.
At each Approved Instructor Program information will be distributed about the administrative course policies of ICISF. Often a representative from the Approved Instructor Support Department is on-site to review the information as well. After becoming an Approved Instructor you may contact the Approved Instructor Support Dept. by phone or email for additional assistance.
If you still have questions we are happy to assist. Please contact us via phone (410) 750 9600 or write us an email to [email protected]