ICISF is the leading international provider for peer support, psychological, and emotional first aid necessary to transform lives and help revitalize communities in the aftermath of catrastrophe.

ICISF cofounders Dr. Jeffery Mitchell, PhD, CCISM and Dr. George Everly, PhD, CCISM have been presenting Peer Support training for over 30 years.  Though the name of the model has changed and some components have been challenged, CISM fundamentally remains a program of peer support and mental wellness for those who experience crises.

Resources on this page may be of interest to assorted professions and occupational settings,  span a variety of content and will use numerous formats.

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Crisis, Stress and Human Resilience: An  International Journal

A multidisciplinary, quarterly, online, open access journal.  The Journal strives to publish cutting edge papers which will further effective practice, program development, research, and general understanding, as well as innovative and even well-supported speculative thinking.


2/5/20 Hot off the Press..

Are you interested in CISM Legislation; Law Enforcement, Dispatch, Corrections, Fire Services, and Veterans; Mental Health, Stress, PTSD and Wellness. Here's a roundup of articles posted in the last 30 days....

1/22/20 In the News...

Wellness and the Mental Health of First Responders continues to be in the forefront of news over the last month.
From reporting of annual suicide rates among various occupations to plans for addressing concerns, take a look at our compilation of recent coverage.


12/18/19 Stress and Grief during the Holiday Season

Around the holiday season there is often an increase in feelings of stress as time and money resources are drained, and many people struggle with unresolved and recent losses. Self-care is essential year round, but even more so during this stressful season.

Proactive self-care can help all of us. Or if things are stress-free in your life, the tips in the attached articles will help you enjoy the season even more. Remember self-care happens all year long, not just the holidays.


11/20/19 Giving Thanks and Gratitude...

Our information revolution and post-industrial society has created more service industries than ever before with an emphasis on community wellness and taking care of each other being a common goal.

The African proverb "it takes a village" often refers to the myriad of people, their actions and collaborative efforts and how it benefits their community.  Although traditionally those in emergency services and/or public safety are recognized as helpers and often heroes, sometimes other professionals and lay persons are able to put their talents and specialties into helping others.

Musicians, farmers, scientists, survivors and caregivers all do their part to make a difference.  Here's to those who make it happen:

Thanks and gratitude to our village!

11/6/19 In The News...

Coverage on mental health has increased, focusing on changing the culture of mental health in high stress occupations and altering the stigma of suicide. Here are few recent examples: