Online Courses

ICISF online courses offer the flexibility you need with content that delivers an effective learning experience on par with our live, in-person classes. Choose from our cohort-based courses or our fully asynchronous courses.

If you wish to take a course that is live and instructor-guided, please visit our event calendar to see current courses offered.

Cohort-Based Online Courses

ICISF’s cohort-based online courses are engaging with other students and include interactive discussions, updated content and reference materials, videos, and scenarios used to facilitate learning.  Your progress is guided by an instructor, while still allowing for the flexibility you want from an online course.  The instructor guided online courses are self-paced with a two or three week timeframe to complete all modules.

Asynchronous Online Courses

These online courses are self-paced and fully asynchronous, meaning there is no instructor.  These courses will allow you to acquire new skills according to your own schedule.  These courses include content and rich media, along with interactive activities to promote deep learning in an online format.

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