Certificate of Specialized Training Program Overview

ICISF offers a "Certificate of Specialized Training" in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), designed to document the completion of a standardized curriculum in crisis intervention. This program was developed in response to numerous requests from institutions (managed care organizations, EAPs, etc.) and individuals.

There are currently seven specific, not mutually exclusive, Certificates of Specialized Training that may be awarded upon provision of appropriate documentation showing completion of the required courses. The list of specialty certificates and requirements for completion may be viewed below.

The Certificate of Specialized Training Program is optional and voluntary and does not replace the award of individual course completion certificates.

Additional Information:

Review the information below regarding completion of any of the Certificates of Specialized

  1. All courses used toward completion of a Certificate of Specialized Training must be
    officially recognized by ICISF (e .g. Certificate of attendance must be an official lCISF
    certificate; additionally, if taught by an approved instructor, the certificate of
    attendance must have an ICISF course number printed on the face of the certificate). If
    you are unsure whether a course you plan to attend is recognized by ICISF feel free to
    contact ICISF.
  2. In compliance with the criteria set forth by the University of Maryland Training Centers
    (UMBC-TC) only those certificates which reflect the full contact hours (e.g. full attendance)
    for the designated course will count as a completed course for the Certificate of
    Specialized Training Program.
  3. Any individual may apply for more than one Certificate of Specialized Training Provided
    the requirements have been met for each Certificate.

Application Instructions

To apply for an ICISF Certificate of Specialized Training Track:

  1. Complete the new/renewal application form by clicking on the button below.
  2. Submit copies of ICISF Certificates of attendance for all required courses.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide all copies of certificates required for each track.
  3. Attach the application fee (must be in US funds):

Please allow up to 45 days for processing.

Certificate of Specialized Training Certificate will be granted for a period of three years at which time the certificate is renewable by completing updated continuing education through ICISF.

For more information about the Certificate of Specialized Training Program, contact:

 Michelle Parks or Kelly Hall.