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Message from Rick Barton, CEO

The ICISF programs continue to provide the most comprehensive model to help people cope with critical incidents. We altered our delivery methods and added numerous resources as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and many of those services remain as our world continues to recover.

We still firmly believe that peer support and the ICISF programs are best delivered in-person. However, you will find many virtual and remote features as you explore the pages of this website. Remember, the learning process in the world of critical incident stress management is never finished.

We also have many partners and like-minded organizations who offer vital programs and resources. This highlights the fact that we are not alone in our work to provide support to people who face the trauma of exposure to critical incidents.

Follow us on social media, continue to check this website and look for emails from us that are related to the services of the ICISF.


ICISF Commits Funds for PTSD911 Documentary Film


"This film is not only a product that the ICISF supports, but also it will be a resource for us to enlist greater public support and to convince decision makers to endorse efforts to help responders."

- Rick Barton, CEO of ICISF

Crisis, Stress, and Human Resilience Journal

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CISMbooks: Your Bookstore for CISM Resources

ICISF is excited to announce the launch of CISMbooks, your new online bookstore offering Critical Incident Stress Management resources and techniques to help people who face such trauma.

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The ICISF has many thoughtful strategic partnerships, like-minded organizations and friends to help share our mission and promote Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).  Learn more about our strategic partnerships and how your organization can get involved with the ICISF.

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