Remote Learning Program: Virtual Training

Join ICISF Faculty as they present virtual training. Each course includes content of traditional in-person classroom training via Zoom technology.

  • Real-time presentations
  • Faculty Interaction
  • Small group breakouts
  • Live Q & A

For any questions regarding the Virtual Training or courses listed below, please email [email protected].

Visit us regularly for additional courses and dates!

Core Courses

If you have never taken any ICISF courses before, we recommend everyone start with the Core Courses, Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention.

Advanced Core Courses

Have you taken the Core Courses?  If so, then our Advanced Core Courses are a great next step!  These courses build on your CISM knowledge from the Core Courses.


    Take advantage of this distinctive educational prospect. We provide a range of chosen courses structured as a series, necessitating only a few hours of your time each week. The faculty, content, and learning objectives remain constant, upholding the same rigorous standards as our full-day courses. This method is crafted considering your convenience, ensuring adaptability without sacrificing quality.

    CISM Refresher - Practice Scenarios

    Do you want to work on competency, review current information on proper use, and get updates in new skills, methods and processes?  These 3-hour live faculty-led virtual sessions of scenario-based training exercises is what you need!

    Learning with Leaders

    Our subject matter leaders have done the work, know the challenges and are ready to share their expertise.
    These short presentations focus on providing personal in-depth knowledge and innovative ideas motivated by the ICISF mission and core values.
    Leaders and presentations are creative and provide vision to inspire action and growth.

    • Learning with Leaders: Protecting CISM Confidentiality (click on date to register)
      May 22, 2024

    • Learning with Leaders: CISM as Peer Support (click on date to register)
      June 3, 2024

    • Learning with Leaders: Case studies with Dr Jeffrey Mitchell (click on date to register)
      June 20, 2024

    • Learning with Leaders: The Crisis Management Briefing (CMB): Updates and Enhancements (click on date to register)
      July 8, 2024

    Specialty Courses

    Looking for CISM training specific to your profession, organization or area of interest?  The ICISF has you covered!  These courses provide you with specific CISM tools and resources for any profession.