Leonard, MPA, NCSERT, CPDM, Cheryl M.

Cheryl M. Leonard, MPA, NCSERT, CPDM has over 27 years in grant management experience. Her experience in preparing grant proposals has provided local, state, and federal agencies with millions of dollars in grant funding. Through her coordination and deployment of teams she has obtained funding to aid teams to respond to state and national disasters. Cheryl received her BA from North Carolina State University and a Masters of Public Administration in Personnel Administration from East Carolina University. She is a doctoral candidate in Public Policy with a focus in Homeland Security, Disaster Preparedness and Incident Management. Since 1979, she has been an active member of the North Carolina State Emergency Response Team. In 1985 she lead the coordination and implementation of the North Carolina CISM Advisory Council/Team and has served as the administrator on a local CISM Team. Cheryl has coordinated the organization of CISM delivery to events such as Hurricane Floyd and Katrina, and those of September 11, 2001.