Putting Boots on the Ground: Tips to Overcome Obstacles and Resistance to Peer Services During Critical Incidents


Current events over the last few years have undoubtedly highlighted the value of CISM trained peer teams.  Unfortunately, limited resources and shifting priorities often make their implementation an afterthought until a crisis unfolds.  Even then a lack of understanding pertaining to the mission of peer support in a crisis can hinder effectiveness.  This will discuss the delivery of services “on the fly” for situations in which there has been limited pre-event peer support response planning.  Topics for this offering include:

  1. Understanding and navigating public safety mindset factors which may perpetuate stigma and create resistance to CISM operations. 
  2. Identifying practical and relatable language to help define peer support parameters and their desired outcomes during crisis events.  
  3. Cobbling together an ad-hoc CISM response to meet your most critical needs.    

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