Ask past World Congress participants WHY they keep coming back, and there would be a couple common themes among their answers. Most would probably say they come for the variety of presentations on disasters, lessons learned, research, etc.

But they would also be just as likely to say they return for the incredible sense of community they feel when they are amongst hundreds of others who do the same type of work and speak the same “language”.

Crisis Intervention enthusiasts from around the world gather to network and meet leaders in the field as well as fellow professionals from a wide range of professions, practice settings, and experience levels.

The opportunity to make personal connections, learn from one another and be among friends often renews their commitment to the selfless work they do, and they return to their communities, agencies, and jobs with fresh ideas, reinvigorated.

If you haven’t experienced a World Congress, we hope you’ll give it a try.

And to our friends who have attended- welcome back!