ICISF Academy of Crisis Intervention

ICISF's Academy of Crisis Intervention aims to promote and maintain standards of training in the specific field of crisis intervention and is in the forefront of delivering quality Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training.

ICISF offers high-quality courses in comprehensive crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health. You may use these courses to fulfill program requirements for ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training and Continuing Education may be available.

Where To Begin

ICISF offers courses in Critical Incident Stress Management, both general courses and specialty courses.  You receive a Certificate of Attendance with the name and contact hours of the course when it has been completed.  We do not offer a certificate that specifically states you are CISD/CISM trained.

We recommend that everyone start with our core courses, Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention.  These courses walk you through the various CISM techniques, when and how to use each one, and include group exercises to practice the skills you'll need.

Traditional Classroom Setting

This format provides participants with a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Individuals or groups from the same organization are provided with the tools needed to translate directly to performance in the field.

Come to Us!
A variety of courses are taught by our renowned faculty at our Regional Trainings and World Congress. Participants have the opportunity to attend multiple courses and network with CISM practitioners from around the world.

ICISF Approved Instructors offer some courses that are also open to registrants in their areas.

We come to you!
ICISF's Speakers Bureau will reduce expenses with group training as a flexible option for your organization. Courses can be customized to fit your specific needs, and participants can practice skills exactly how they will be needed on the job. Additionally, ICISF can customize the content and length of our programs for keynotes or other presentations to suit your needs.

Online Courses & Certification in CISM

ICISF utilizes electronic technologies to enable affordable, global access of our education and training outside of the traditional classroom.

Online Courses: ICISF course curriculum is delivered during a specific time frame. Discussions, readings, videos and scenarios are used to facilitate learning.

Certification in CISM: The CCISM Certification, offered by UMBC‘s Department of Emergency Health Services through its Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) program, is the world’s first university-based certification in the field of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and psychological crisis intervention.