Education & Training Programs

The ICISF offers high-quality courses in comprehensive crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health. You may use these courses to fulfill program requirements for ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training and Continuing Education may be available.

Where To Start

ICISF offers core and specialty courses in Critical Incident Stress Management.  You receive a Certificate of Attendance with the name and contact hours of the course when it has been completed.  We do not offer a certificate that specifically states you are CISD/CISM trained.

We recommend that everyone start with our core courses, Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention.  These courses walk you through the various CISM techniques, when and how to use each one, and include group exercises to practice the skills you'll need.

Take Core Courses Through Our Remote Learning Programs

The ICISF is offering Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention as part of our Remote Learning Programs!  These learning platforms offer a great learning experience right from the comfort of your home!

We've outlined some helpful information for you to make the best decision on how to attend these courses virtually.

Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention

Live Training

  • Individuals can attend the combined 3-day Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention courses via Zoom technology
    • All course dates/times are EST (Eastern Standard Time)
    • Individuals must attend all sessions
  • Live Training courses include the content and exercises for both courses
  • Individuals are able to download the e-version of each course book
  • Individuals will be able to interact with the instructor and join in breakout sessions

    Online Courses

    • Individuals have 30 days from their registration date to complete each online course
    • Individuals can move through the course at their own pace
    • Individuals are able to download the e-version of each online course book
    • These courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no instructor
    • A separate “Skills” program that provides the exercises will be offered quarterly at No Additional Charge.  You are not required to take that course, although your core knowledge of either Assisting Individuals in Crisis or Group Crisis Intervention is incomplete until you have participated in the interactive classroom exercises.  The information regarding the date of the skills program, which is scheduled quarterly, will be given to you at the completion of these online courses.

    Remote Learning Programs

    The ICISF offers a variety of remote learning options to meet your education and training needs.


    Mark your calendars now for May 25-27, 2021 and join the ICISF community from around the world at ICISF’s VIRTUAL World Congress. This real-time live event features three days of content, connections and community that you do not want to miss!

    Each day, participants will gather together for General Sessions geared towards every level, background and experience in the field of Crisis, Trauma and Resilience. Additionally, daily breakout sessions will allow you to personalize your experience by selecting those topics that interest you the most and give you “back pocket” skills to bring home and share with your community.

    For any questions regarding the World Congress, email [email protected].

    ICISF offers cohort and asynchronous online courses, which include content and rich media, interactive activities and an opportunity to engage with other students throughout the online course.  For any questions regarding Online Courses, contact Michelle Parks at (443) 325-5219 or [email protected].
    Join ICISF Faculty as they present live training.  Each course includes content of traditional in-person classroom training via Zoom technology.  For any questions regarding the Live Training, contact Beth Kohr at (443) 325-5216 or [email protected].

    We have customized some of our group training courses to be offered virtually in real-time through our Speakers Bureau Program.  Custom Presentations and keynotes are also available virtually.

    We come to you!
    ICISF's Speakers Bureau will reduce expenses with group training as a flexible option for your organization. Courses can be customized to fit your specific needs, and participants can practice skills exactly how they will be needed on the job. Additionally, ICISF can customize the content and length of our programs for keynotes or other presentations to suit your needs.

    For any questions regarding the Speakers Bureau Program, contact Millie Morehouse at (443) 325-5221 or [email protected].

    Traditional Classroom Learning

    This format provides participants with a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Individuals or groups from the same organization are provided with the tools needed to translate directly to performance in the field.

    Approved Instructor Training In Your Area

    The ICISF has over a thousand field instructors who have completed ICISF Approved Instructor Programs and may offer ICISF courses in their community.  ICISF Approved Instructors are individuals that are trained to teach specific ICISF courses.  View upcoming Approved Instructor trainings in your area on our event calendar.

    Training in Your Area
    Training Event Calendar

    Interested in Becoming an Approved Instructor?

    Learn more about our upcoming Approved Instructor Candidate Programs dates and locations, their descriptions, prerequisites, and frequently asked questions.

    Become an Approved Instructor

    Certification in CISM

    Certification in CISM: The CCISM Certification, offered by UMBC‘s Department of Emergency Health Services through its Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) program, is the world’s first university-based certification in the field of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and psychological crisis intervention.