First Responder’s: Finding Music Within the Noise (Marc Junkerman)

Listen to ICISF Faculty Marc “Junk” Junkerman discuss “First Responder’s: Finding Music Within the Noise”.

Marc Junkerman is an active law enforcement commander in Maryland with more than 26 years of experience to include over 13 years serving in various CISM roles at the local, state, and regional level. During his tenure, he has placed a special emphasis on advocating for resilience centric management and leadership primarily within the public safety and public service arenas. This has led to the development and fielding of his “Decide to Thrive” program designed to assist individuals and organizations in creating a culture of resilience. He has been fortunate to serve as a presenter, trainer, and consultant for various clients and is honored to be part of the ICISF faculty. Marc is a US Army veteran who holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lebanon Valley College (PA) as well as a graduate degree in Management and a graduate certificate in Leadership Studies from Johns Hopkins University (MD).

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