Step 1 - Choose A Campaign & Create An Account

Whether you are interested in creating a memorial in honor of a first responder, want to create a fundraiser for your birthday, raise money for your CISM/Peer Support Team, or more, ICISF offers a variety of peer to peer fundraising campaigns to choose from to support the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and CISM/Peer Support Teams worldwide.

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CISM/Peer Support Teams

Create a CISM/Peer Support Team fundraising page to help raise monies for your team to obtain equipment for deployment or attend ICISF training.

100% of the money raised on your teams fundraising page will be donated to your CISM/Peer Support Team.

Create Team Page

Run, Walk, Bike

Do you currently run, walk, or bike with friends or coworkers?  Now you can do what you love while supporting ICISF.

Don't have a group yet?

No worries!  Create an individual page to show your support.

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Special Occasions

If a loved one was involved in CISM or ICISF, consider a memorial fundraising page in memory/honor of them.

Ask friends and loved ones to support ICISF for your birthday or other upcoming event to help support a hero in your community.

Have a holiday coming up? Create a fundraising page to help celebrate the holidays and support a good cause.

Create Page

End of the Year

Would you or your organization like to support ICISF before the end of the year?  100% of the donations are tax deductible.  Create a fundraising page to share with coworkers and friends.

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Create An Individual Or Team Page

Our peer to peer fundraising pages are for both individuals and groups of individuals to fundraise as a team.

Fundraise for ICISF in memory of an individual, create a run/walk group to fundraise for a cause, and more!

View ICISF Campaigns

Customize Your Profile Account

Once you choose a fundraising campaign, customize your account by adding your name, reason for fundraising, set a goal amount, and add a photo/video.

You can also customize the amount you are hoping to raise and track it as people begin donating to your page.

Create Your Account

Share On Social Media

Once your account is created, share your page on your social media pages to help spread the word.

You can even customize your social media sharing content on your page.

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Step 2 - Start Raising Money

Once you've created your individual/team account, now you can customize your account information and personalize why you are fundraising.

Customize Your Page

Personalize your account with all of your information about you or your team and why you created the fundraising page, include a goal amount you hope to raise, and add photos/videos to your campaign.

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Donate To Your Page

Encourage others to support your campaign by being the first to donate and support to your cause.

After you donate, share your cause with others in your community.

Support Your Cause

Start Fundraising Early

The earlier you create your account and begin sharing with your friends, family, and others in your community, the sooner you can reach your fundraising goal!

Begin Fundraising

Donations are 100% Tax Deductible

All donations raised through ICISF fundraising pages are 100% tax deductible.  Share this information with your community as you are sharing your fundraising pages.

Individuals can consult with their tax advisor for more information.

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Other Resources

Here are some other resources to help you with your fundraising campaign pages.