There are several options to choose from when deciding to have an ICISF training come to you.

Speaker’s Bureau

For organizations looking to receive training at their location, the ICISF Speakers Bureau Program utilizes faculty that are extremely dynamic and are renowned within the field of comprehensive crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services. The ICISF Speakers Bureau Program can arrange to present ICISF courses or programs can be customized to fit with the needs of your organization. ICISF will arrange for a faculty member that shares similar experiences to your projected attendees and will work with you to set up all details of the program.

Learn more about Speakers Bureaus and what courses are offered here. For further information on ICISF’s Speakers Bureau program, please email Millie Morehouse or call 410-750-9600 ext. 110.

Approved Instructor Presentation

Approved Instructors are able to come to your location and teach for your agency. Please contact the Approved Instructor Support Department at [email protected] for referrals of instructors nearest you. Please be sure to specify in your email where you are located and what course(s) you are interested in having an instructor teach. The sponsoring agency will be responsible for arranging the course dates and associated fees directly with the instructor.

*Please be advised that instructors are only approved to teach certain courses and there may not always be a instructor in your immediate area.*

ICISF Approved Instructors are individuals that are trained to teach specific CISM courses including, but not limited to:

Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

Building Skills for Crisis Intervention Teams

CISM Application with Children

Comprehensive Crisis Preparation & Response for the Workplace

Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters

From Trauma to Addictions

Grief Following Trauma

Group Crisis Intervention

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support

Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement

Managing School Crises: From Theory to Application

Pastoral Crisis Intervention

Pastoral Crisis Intervention II

Strategic Response to Crisis

Stress Management for the Trauma Service Provider

Suicide Awareness: An Introduction for Crisis Responders

Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention

TEAM: Team Evolution and Management